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Clean Wireless Audio LLC

8217 Cedar Grove Rd.

Cross Plains, TN 37049




Clean Wireless Audio LLC is located near Nashville, Tennessee and was founded by Jason Glass, a professional Audio Engineer since 1989.  He has toured with many international musical acts and formerly held a long-term position as Monitor Engineer and RF Coordinator for the most widely known female country music artist on Earth.














Jason’s skills culminate in the innovative and reliable services offered by Clean Wireless Audio LLC.  He has surmounted the challenges of operating wireless audio equipment on concert tours around the globe, along with numerous musical performances for television broadcast and location sound for motion pictures.  He has honed an expert skill in wireless equipment use, and has spent decades developing reliable methods using unique combinations of hardware and software to consistently deliver top performance from a huge variety of wireless audio gear.  Jason utilizes laboratory equipment including spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, and more in his work.  He performs training, equipment testing, repair, system design, and system integration for the most complex wireless audio requirements.


We serve customers within the United States of America.  Our customers typically operate equipment regulated by Part 15 and/or Part 74 of the FCC rules related to the use of wireless microphones and similar devices.


Clean Wireless Audio LLC is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as a Broadcast Auxiliary Service Low Power radio station operator.


Clean Wireless Audio LLC is not a certified or licensed frequency coordinator for purposes related to managing the Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR) spectrum or Part 90 radio services and will not engage in such activity.


Clean Wireless Audio LLC will not knowingly aid, encourage, or suggest illegal operation of any wireless equipment.  More information about prohibited equipment operation can be found here: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/operation-wireless-microphones



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