Our services are individually tailored to your needs.


We begin with listening to you!  We find out your needs, assess the situation, and explore ways to fulfill your requirements.  We can handle the technical details at any level you wish; we can serve as your wireless equipment operator, installer, system designer or integrator, and help you source any components that you might require.


You can extend the useful life of your older wireless equipment with our services.  It may simply require RF coordination to operate perfectly, or minor changes in your peripheral hardware like antennas and cables.  We can perform hundreds of multiple-channel coordinations for less money than you would spend to replace your rig with the newest technology, which is also likely to require RF coordination for best results.  For instance, if your brand-new digital microphones must operate near any analog wireless IEM systems, mics, or com systems, intermodulation calculations are still necessary to avoid interference.


We do the complicated parts and make it easy for you.  We apply proprietary equipment, methods, and numerous software tools to calculate your frequencies, assuring that they are suitable for your equipment and free of interference from on-air signals and self-generated intermodulation distortion.


You acquire unique tips and helpful information for your specific circumstances.  We use geographical data to determine the best and worst directions to point your directional antennas, in order to reject on-air signals and maximize the signal quality of your wireless equipment.


You get reassurance that your equipment is functioning correctly.  We can analyze the emissions of your wireless equipment while it is operating and offer suggestions to refine performance, troubleshoot problems, and reduce the probability of failure.  This also allows us to help you determine if your other types of equipment (video walls, lighting instruments, neon chargers, etc.) are generating harmful interference.  We’ll help you conquer these obstacles.


You are able to make educated decisions.  We can use data from our instruments to help you plan new systems and/or specify the most suitable gear when upgrading or expanding your systems.


You gain access to decades of accumulated wireless equipment knowledge.  Having dealt with wireless microphone, IEM, and intercom systems since 1989, our days of audiences disturbed by blasts of static and performing artists irate over dropouts in their IEMs are long gone.


You can stay above the bottom line.  We are mindful of your budget and strive to operate within it.


You can stay ahead of the constantly changing FCC regulations and technical advances in wireless audio equipment.  We do the studying and bring our experience to bear on these complexities.  We can translate technical jargon and equipment specifications into terms that audio professionals can understand and apply in practice.



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